Photos from Texas

Photos from in and around Austin; new broze statue of Willie Nelson in front of Austin City Limits; Kim and Sweetpea’s farm; long layovers on the train: the Alamo in San Antonio and the George Bush Sr. memorial in Houston.

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3 thoughts on “Photos from Texas

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  2. Hey man. I thought you would be back in Florida at this point. It appears you have extended your travel? Are you finding what you are looking for?

    • Hey Rob! Nah, I didn’t extend my trip. I just fell behind a little uploading photos. I’m actually back to work today in Tallahassee. I’m not exactly sure what I found yet–I’ll have to review my notes. A lot of great cities, a lot of kindness, and perhaps some latent qualities of myself I forgot were in there. But I’ve been telling everyone how great of a city Ann Arbor, MI is. Cheers!

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