Yeah I watched Boxcar Bertha…

…’cuz it was on top of the rack when I went to the library.

This 1972 Scorsese film is loosely based on a true story about a group of union members and sympathizers who for a time make life hell for railroad tycoons. Strong-armed out of their union rights, Bertha and the man she loves, a union organizer, as well as a escaped convict black man and a fourth man of ambiguous southeast European descent,

No I didn't watch it in Japanese.

take up their guns and force the wealthy railroad families to share the goods. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before the law catches up to them, but the gang of four show the desperate, even suicidal, attitude the lower class must take when thrown in front of omnipotent and suffocating wealth.

As you can see on this cover, the film ends with a crucifixion. I must believe, since this is a loose adaptation, that the final scene was a fabrication–it put the “fiction” in “crucifiction,” if you will. But damn, what a way to go. Railroad spikes driven through your wrists and ankles, hanging from the sunset limited and headed to that special place God put aside for those who kill the rich to replenish the poor.

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