Good Times at the Liberty Hotel

An impromptu Haney on the Train theme song. A dancing Eleni. B House got spliced in. Ian’s belly again. The theme song again. And again.

Why did you bring Aimee? Toft asks. For the companionship and ‘cuz she’s awesome.

And so someone could snap a photo of my first ride on the train heeyaw!

Toft plays at the Liberty Hotel


On July 6, our good friend Toft Willingham, producer, engineer, and lead singer of Spiritual Rez, happened to play a solo acoustic set at the Liberty Hotel in Boston, which is a converted prison. We sat in the courtyard in the cool, breezy, sunny Boston afternoon and drank beers brewed in Nantucket and ate oysters plucked from Nantucket Bay while Toft sang for the crowd. Here’s a sampling of the afternoon.

Check out the crowd pan at 2:08. My apologies to Ian “Meat” Miller, drummer of Spiritual Rez, for the belly zoom at 2:22.

Vermont and New Hampshire

View on Flickr.

You’ll see a variety of photos in this album. Some are the sunsets over Windmill Bay on Lake Champlain at my Uncle Dave’s house and photos of the marina at the corner of New York, Vermont, and Canada. (Fun fact: gas in Canada is something like $8.50 a gallon, so the Quebecians drive down into Vermont to fill up for less than half that amount.) Some photos are of that tie dye shop I wrote about earlier. Then there’s the parade in my mom’s home town of Woodsville, NH, Aunt Jane’s house in Warren, NH with the mountain view and the graveyard behind, Aunt Judy’s house in Bath, NH with the big beautiful property on the Ammonoosuk River, and the aftermath of the wicked surprise storm that blew down off the mountain on the evening of the Fourth and toppled trees all over Aunt Judy’s property with 100 mph winds.